Collaboration with

Too Hip Records

Too Hip Records was set up in 2009 by the singer songwriter Nyika as a vehicle to release her music.The second album by Nyika "Rock 'n' Soul" Dream was released in 2009 on Too Hip Records and "The First Sensation" Nyika's debut album was re released in the same year on the label setting the wheels in motion.

Nyika's debut album was initially released in late 2004 on her first label Progressive Urban Records in partnership with Ravensbourne Records Ltd as they were the only label who showed interest in her music.

Although Nyika's material was largely overlooked by industry people she set out to prove them wrong, and on release of her first album she was aired on Tony Blackburn's Soul show and quoted by him as "One to watch", as well as being played on Soul icon Mica Paris's Soul show placing her firmly on the map of British Soul music. 

Nyika set up Too Hip Records initially to release her own music  but has since collaborated with sultry Swedish Soul singer songwriter Karin Fransson on her debut album project.

Too Hip Records continues to produce music, promotional music videos and has a sister company Too Hip Films.

Watch this space!!


Collaboration with

Mavericks Storm Entertainment

Mavericks Storm Entertainment is a pioneering motion picture company in London working in cinema & commercial entertainment. They have an exciting 4 picture movie slate we are currently developing and producing.

Through their movie work they bring a unique cinematic edge to their short branded films or spots - and they have recently worked with brands like Virgin, Timberland, Selfridges, Cuticura, Pot Noodle and leading ad agencies.

The company was founded by Entrepreneur and Director - Mono Ghose

10 Official Selections for 'Lost Bullets',
2 Cannes Film Festival Screenings,
Best Thriller at the Mexican International Film Festival,
Golden Palm for Direction.

Collaboration with music composer

George Kallis

George was born in 1974 on the island of Cyprus and grew up in a musical environment.

He was fascinated by music at a very early age and studied classical piano and violin, played bass in heavy metal bands and became engrossed in classic movies of Hollywood's golden age. Their beautifully thematic soundtracks left him a very strong musical impression, and soon enough composing for films became his passion.

At 18 years old, George had already won several songwriting awards, and his first personal CD Where There is a Child earned him a gold record by Galaxy Music. Following his two-year army service at the National Guard as a second lieutenant, Berklee College of Music in Boston recognized George’s exceptional talent and awarded him a scholarship to study for a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Film Scoring.

During his studies, George represented Cyprus as a songwriter in THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST in Jerusalem (the European show seen yearly by more than 600 million people worldwide). Berklee College of Music also chose George to represent the college as the most promising talent in an NBC special on film music.

Soon after graduating, George moved to London to follow up his studies with a Masters of Music in Composition at The Royal College of Music, studying with acclaimed veteran composer Joseph Horovitz.

With a solid foundation in both classical and contemporary music, George began his career as a composer by working his way up from scoring documentaries and TV programmes, commercials and international multimedia installations. He is now working between London and Los Angeles.

Collaboration with sound designer
Enos Desjardins

TONEWAVES is an audio post-production team who specialize in sound design for film, television and commercials.  

With a small team of passionate sound editors we can provide sound design solutions from more specific recording, editing or mixing tasks all the way to taking full responsibility for the entire sound post-production process of your project.

With state of the art facilities and team members in both London and Manchester, TONEWAVES is prepared to take on any project from lower budget independent films all the way up to large budget studio productions.We can provide complete in-house productions from dialogue editing, ADR, Foley and sound effects editing all the way to dubbing the film in our dub stages. For larger budget studio productions with complete theatrical release our strategic partnerships with the top facilities in the UK allow us to provide our clients with a full scale dubbing theatre if and when needed.
We see each project as unique and personal and therefore make sure we provide a fresh sonic style to each project by finding the right voice for the film or commercial. Sound is a very powerful storytelling tool and we want to make sure we support your story with our work.