This showreel illustrates my work on a short film called the "The 13th Mirror" , a Mavericks Storm Entertainment release produced by Arno Hazebroek and written & directed by Mono Ghose. It was shot RED 4k.

The 13th Mirror is a screen promo for Appearances, a book by Nicolas D. Sampson

In this showreel, you will see:

- Keying
- Rotoscoping (using garbage mattes and the new Roto Brush inside Adobe After Effects CS5)
- a lot of Tracking using Mocha for AE
- Compositing (computer and mobile phone screens, butterfly sequence)
- Visual effects ("Find the 13th mirror" animation on the mirror, blue glowing globe, animation of a still image for the close up shot of the eye using a wiggle expression, glowing box)
- 2.5D city scape creation.

And at last grading using for the most part Synthetic Aperture SA Color Finesse, the new built in pluggin inside AE CS5.

POT Noodle Campaign

This is a series of interactive videos I edited and did the colour grading for Pot Noodle. The animation work was carried out by Blue Zoo Animation studio

Pot Noodle Easy Street

Hang Ups

ShadowStage Productions

Hang Ups combines the haunting power of contemporary shadow theatre techniques with new writing from award winning writer Eley Williams to explore a character's relationship with an old-fashioned telephone.

A ShadowStage Productions film. Produced & directed by Leon Conrad

 D.O.P. / editing / visual effects and grading Charles Hennegrave.

Composer & Sound Design by Todd Hendricks


Showreel 2010.mp4

Cuticura adverts

CUTICURA advert "Busy Mum"

Cuticura's "Busy Mum" and "Here, There, Everywhere" adverts were edited using the stop motion technic. Both ads were produced by Mavericks Storm Entertainment.

CUTICURA advert "Here, There, Everywhere"